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Transform-It Counter Top Kit

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3kg 2:1 Vista Turbo epoxy resin with a selection of 4 Vista Pigments
Perfect for counter tops, tables and upcycling projects
Fast Curing, UV Stable, Heat Resistant up to 90°C and Manufactured in the UK
Low Odour, No VOC's, Solvent Free and Non-Flammable
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For same day despatch order within:

Free Delivery on orders over £50 or 5.99 UK mainland

Orders are despatched in the order they are received. The earlier you order the quicker it will be despatched.

Product Information

Vista Transform-It Kits comprise of a 3kg Vista Turbo 2:1 epoxy resin, and a selection of Vista Pigments, allowing you to express your creative side in a number of ways. Choose from any one of five beautiful colour combinations:

  • Seascape: - It’s your choice if you make a peaceful lagoon or stormy seas, create some stunning natural effects with Capri Blue, Sage Green, Royal Blue and Polar White.
  • Danish Copper: - Create a classy effect with Metallic Bronze, Walnut Espresso, Jade Green and Polar White, perfect for eye-catching countertops and tables.
  • Marblesque: - Unleash your creativity with Metallic Gold, Polar White, Walnut Espresso and Graphite Grey – great for creating light or dark marble effects.
  • Carrara Marble: - A classic! Use this combination of Metallic Gold, Metallic Bronze, Polar White and Graphite Grey to create a stunning, cultured finish.
  • Black Marble: - Create a subtle contrast, or eye-catching metallic flashes cutting through a dark background using Raven Black, Metallic Gold, Metallic Bronze and Polar White.


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Usage Guidance

Mixing Ratio
Turbo is a 2:1 mixing ratio by weight, which means for every 100g of Part A, you need 50g of Part B. For example:

200g Part A : 100g Part B

When measuring in a measuring cup by ml the ratio to follow is slightly different. For every 100ml of Part A, you need 60ml of Part B. For example

200ml Part A: 120ml Part B

Go over to our Vista Resin Calculator which will do all the working out for you.


Once you've mixed your Part A and B thoroughly and there are no streaks of hardener visible, you can split the mix into 4 cups, and add your pigments. Small additions of pigment will give you a semi-transparent finish, larger additions of up to 0.2% will give a strong, opaque finish. Don't forget you're not limited to just the colours in the Transform-It Kits - you can lighten colours using Polar White, create darker shades using Raven Black, and even make your own metallic colours with the Metallic Booster. 


Application Technique

Ideally before you apply your epoxy, its good practice to prime the surface you'll be working on. Vista Undercoat is ideal for this purpose - providing a good seal on almost any surface, and providing a key for your epoxy layer. If you apply epoxy directly to an unprepared surface you may have issues with air bubbles and possibly even serparation - where a surface will not adhere well to the epoxy creating uneven coverage.

Once your Vista Undercoat has cured fully (usually 24-48 hours) the epoxy layer can be applied. You can get some ideas on how to mix your colour combinatons from one of our Ambassadors or create your own effects.

After your epoxy layer has cured, we recommend applying Vista Duraseal - a water-based, scratch and UV resistant sealer, which is particularly useful for protecting epoxy from being scratched on tables and counter-tops. See a video on how to apply your Duraseal here.






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