“We are a company of innovation and pushing boundaries. Take a look at our story.”

Sean Scott, Founder

About us

We are one of the UK’s largest Independent Resin Manufacturers.

As you will see from the website, our team is very much at the heart of what we do and we are very passionate about Vista Resin. Production, packing, sales and customer service all work closely together in the same building to give you a fast and responsive service.


Vista is a brand of Vuba which was launched in 2019 but we have been producing epoxy resins since 2009.

We like to fuse our history of resin manufacturing with new and innovative technology within our industry. We produce around £20m worth of resin products each year, which gives us manufacturing and buying scale whilst also remaining intuitive and innovative as an independent manufacturer.


If you're looking for the ultimate choice of EPOXY RESIN direct from the manufacturer, with
super fast delivery and a first class service, explore the VISTA range and order today


Bubble Release

Low odour
No VOC's

Proudly Made
in the UK

Fantastic Heat

UV Stable

Meet the team

We are a close passionate team. Have a look at some of the
employees working on your order!

James Purdy

Operations Director

Favourite resin: Vista Mariana

“James has risen up the ranks and continues to impress at the helm of Group Operations. James has been responsible for fine tuning our systems and processes, and is leading the way with our ISO 9001 application.”

Ash McWilliam

Production Manager

Favourite resin: Transform It Kits

“Ash has spent years working on the production shop floor before progressing on to his current role of Production Manager. Ash has a fantastic eye for detail, and takes a huge pride in his work and Quality Control procedures. ”

Sean Scott

Managing Director

Favourite resin: Vista One

“Sean is the founder of Vuba in 2009. Sean has a unique background in investment banking, chemistry and business. He is mostly responsible for the strategy of the business, and driving new product innovation.”

Rich Foster

Purchasing Manager

Favourite resin: Vista Rapids

“Rich is another team member who has progressed through the ranks at Vuba, starting on the production floor. Rich has developed an incredible knowledge of the chemical market throughout the world. ”

Lucy Ackroyd

Sales Team

Favourite resin: Vista Lake

“Lucy has a passion for great customer service and her bubbly personality is infectious with the rest of the team. When not chatting with customers, Lucy will often be hiking or playing netball. ”

Jade Tyson

Marketing Manager

Favourite resin: Vista Turbo

“Responsible for the image of our company, Jade Tyson is a fantastic ambassador for everything Vista. Passionate, knowledgeable and helpful, Jade is the face of Vista and a hugely important member of the team. ”

Jade Marie

Logistics Manager

Favourite resin: Vista One

“Jade is a veteran of our business, and a recent award winner at our annual employee awards! Jade is universally loved here at Vista HQ and always on hand to help with orders and anything logistics. ”

Ellie Platten

Sales Team

Favourite resin: Vista Ocean

“Ellie is a newer addition to our sales team, but has grown in her knowledge of Vista resin fantastically well over the last year. Always helpful and very professional, you are always in safe hands with Ellie!  ”

Diana Orehova

Packaging Team

Favourite resin: Vista One

“Diana has a passion for Vista and is a hugely integral part of the team. Conscientious, hard working and dedicated - Diana makes sure our orders are sent out next day and always in excellent condition. ”

Charlotte Smith

Experience Manager

Favourite resin: Vista One

“Charlotte manages the Experience of our Staff, New Recruits and Customers in our new Experience Team. Charlotte is highly motivated and uses her skills to ensure everybody has a great time working with Vista! ”

Harry Iggleden

Sales Team

Favourite resin: Vista Pigments

“Harry mostly deals with our Distributors in the UK and Overseas. With a keen eye for detail, Harry helps put in place our commercial relationships and white label manufacturing projects. ”

Emily Wheeldon

Sales Team

Favourite resin: Vista Cascade

“Emily is kind-hearted, with a warm character and a cheeky attitude - Emily ensures all customers' orders are efficiently processed with a smile and a touch of whit. Call and chat with Emily today! ”

Our Values and Ethos

We value people, we believe in integrity and
we are always striving to be outstanding.

We are a Community

Join Our Thriving Online Community

We have a Facebook forum with thousands of our customers as members. It’s a great place to gain inspiration, advice and to show off your wonderful work!

Besides the forum, we see all of our customers as part of The Vista World and we will ry to help and support you all of the way.


We Are Epoxy Resin Pioneers

We are a fusion of traditional manufacturing and innovation of new resin technologies. We believe our 100% UV Stability and Food Safety demonstrate our ability to innovate.

And our broad range from 1 to 1 resins, deep pour river table resin, UV cured resin and pigments showcase our huge capabilities as a manufacturer.


It truly is the Vista World

Vuba is a truly worldwide manufacturer. We epoxy products throughout the World and have European and US subsidiaries.

If you’d like to buy our products or become a distributor internationally, please fill out the form on our contact page.

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