Tune in and watch the latest resin tutorials and VISTA how to videos. Learn how to turn a table into a piece of art, how to use our products for fabulous creations and be entertained.

This is a fantastic example of Vista Ocean epoxy resin being used to make a chopping board. Our customer Olivers Woodwork makes some fantastic products using our resin.

Watch our incredible transformation of an old, tired piece of furniture into something truly remarkable using Vista Transform It Kits and our Vista Turbo to seal 2p coins!

Vista Cascade is a fantastic all round resin, capable of application to as low as 10mm and up to 25mm. Cascade is highly versatile, capable of trays and coasters as well as small casting projects.

Sticky patches or surface defects are what is known as Amine Bloom or Amine Blush. These phenomena occur when epoxy art resin is left to cure in the wrong conditions. Learn more now!

Crystallisation is seen as lumpy or cloudy resin, and is caused by long term exposure to cold temperatures - such as overnight during delivery. Learn how to reverse this process!

Vista Rapids is the ULTIMATE coating and doming resin. High viscosity with excellent adhesion properties, Vista Rapids leaves the perfect finish to any project.

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