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Duraseal Floor Final Sealer

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Vista Duraseal Floor Sealer 2.5kg
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High strength, high quality Resin sealer with excellent bonding properties to almost all surfaces.
Sealing and enhancing surfaces whilst improving scratch resistance. 
UV Resistant, Manufacturer in the UK, Easy to Use.
Low VOC's, Hard-Wearing, Chemical Resistant and Abrasion Resistant.
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For same day despatch order within:

Free Delivery on orders over £50 or 5.99 UK mainland

Orders are despatched in the order they are received. The earlier you order the quicker it will be despatched.

Product Information

Duraseal is a high quality Resin sealer designed to protect and improve the cleanability and the visual appearance of Vista epoxy flooring or surfaces. 

For projects such as bar tops and countertops we would recommend to use water-based Duraseal whereas the solvent-based product is more durable and suited to heavy-duty uses such as flooring.

Duraseal is a unique combination of UV stable, scratch resistant, highly abrasion resistant and highly chemical resistant. Duraseal solvent-based can be used to seal and protect levelling screeds and seal flake floor coating systems with a final coat. This has been used on the following:

Concrete Floors
Cementitious Screeds
Epoxy floor coatings
Flake Floor Systems
Epoxy Screeds
Tiled Flooring
Wooden Flooring


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Usage Guidance

Mixing Ratio

Mix 100g Part A to 43g Part B for solvent-based Duraseal

Follow the simple steps below for application:

1. Gentle sand with fine grit sand paper to ensure an even surface
2. Wipe with a damp cloth then dry thoroughly before application of sealer
3. Mix the two parts together
4. Apply using a ‘de-fuzzed’ microfibre roller

We advise you to apply a thin layer - a maximum depth of 100 microns (0.1mm). Applying a thick, heavy coat will cause an uneven coverage and on some occasions creates a milky appearance. Cross-roll to give even coverage.

1 litre of Duraseal typically is capable of covering 8m2. We recommend applying 1-2 depending upon the substrate being sealed.  2 coats of Duraseal for more heavy duty trafficked areas and 1-2 coats for surfacing which won’t experience foot traffic. Here are some examples:

Concrete floors - we would usually recommend to seal concrete floors with two coats of sealer

Epoxy screeds - epoxy screeds can usually be sealed with 1 coat

Flake floor systems - these can usually be sealed with 1 coat, until it has a full coverage of flakes and then it would be two coats

Levelling Screeds - these would usually need to be sealed with 2 coats

Floor Tiles - usually fine to seal with 1 anti slip floor sealer application

Mixing Technique

For small quantities mixing in a cup with a stirring stick is sufficient. For larger mixes a drill with a slow speed paddle mixer is required.

Remember that Duraseal is intended as a sealer only - do not mix epoxy pigments with your Duraseal as this will inhibit the performance of the product.

Curing Time

Both water-based and solvent-based, kept at a constant room temperature of 20-22°C will be touch dry and tangible in 24 hours. We wouldn’t recommend objects or foot traffic to be placed on the surface until after 48 hours of application.

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