Correct PPE When Using Epoxy Art Resin!

Correct PPE When Using Epoxy Art Resin!

Correct PPE When Using Epoxy Art Resin!

Guide to Equipment and PPE for Epoxy Resin

Crafting with epoxy is a great way to express your creativity – however it is worth bearing in mind that epoxy can cause sensitivity issue for newcomers and experienced hands alike. Sensitivity can be caused by skin contact or inhalation, and it is possible to work with epoxy resin for several years without having a reaction, before becoming sensitised.

One of the most important things to do when preparing to work with epoxy, is to ensure you have the correct equipment and PPE (personal protective equipment) to hand, this will minimise the potential for you becoming sensitised to the product and experiencing an adverse reaction. Here follows a list of essential equipment and recommendations for working with epoxy resin:

  • Gloves: - gloves are a must when working with epoxy – of course you’re going to be touching mixing cups, mixing sticks and moulds, all of which will have uncured epoxy at them at some point. We recommend using disposable vinyl gloves, as reactions to vinyl are almost non-existent – and this avoids using latex which could cause sensitivity itself. It is also worth mentioning to avoid resin splashes on your sleeves, as this can cause sensitivity through your clothes. Remove any contaminated clothing immediately to avoid issues.
  • Safety Glasses: - it is wise to protect your eyes when working with any resin, and epoxy is no different. There is always a possibility of splashes when mixing resin with hardener, and the safety glasses will protect your eyes from these occasional mishaps. Safety glasses will also prevent you from accidentally rubbing your eyes, or the area around them, whilst working with epoxy resin.
  • Ventilation/Respiratory Aids: - when working with epoxy it is vital to work in an area with good ventilation. Epoxy can cause sensitivity via inhalation, sometimes causing irritation and discomfort, and even breathing difficulty. Vista Resin specifically is low VOC (volatile organic compounds) – a common cause of this discomfort, however we would always advise working in areas with good air flow from open doors/windows etc. If you are unable to work in a ventilated area, it may be necessary to use a respirator when working with epoxy. Experts have recommended an AP23 rated respirator, which will filter organic vapours and particulates.

Remember to read the Safety Datasheet for any epoxy before you use it – this will indicate to you the recommended PPE for the product. Always be aware of the common causes of sensitivity, and how you are best to avoid them. Reactions to epoxy commonly take the form of itchy patches on the skin – sometimes accompanied by redness – very often this initially occurs on the inside of your forearms. In more severe cases, swelling may occur around your face and eyes, and you may have sensitivity/discomfort in your throat, or your breathing may be affected., If you discover that you are having a reaction, stop using epoxy immediately, and take a break for several days, possibly several weeks, until symptoms abate. Of course, if you have a reaction you deem serious enough, call the non-emergency line for medical advice.

Don’t forget to check out our YouTube channel for more information about using Vista epoxy resin.

Vuba Resin Products - YouTube

Hopefully this has answered your questions regarding the required PPE for epoxy resin, thanks for reading.

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