Full-time YouTuber

Full-time YouTuber

Full-time YouTuber AKA Claire's Crafty Corner


Full-time YouTuber

My Story

Hi I’m Claire, a Vista Resin ambassador and full time YouTube creator. 

I have always had a creative and crafty streak since being a little one, learning from my dad who was an oil painter hobbyist and always encouraged me to paint and draw – even if I used my bedroom walls as a canvas!  

Fast forward to my 40th year. I decided to start a YouTube channel, dipping into the world of home décor and furniture makeovers. I tried my hand at needle felting, air dry clay and sewing, before discovering epoxy resin.  

My first ever resin video on YouTube was a Beginner’s Resin Guide, and back then resin art was simply another hobby. Before I knew it the video took off and so did my channel. Inspired by the works of Sharon Lindley and Sue Findlay, my love for epoxy resin grew and my channel evolved to focus primarily on resin art.  

With my YouTube following increasing and the pandemic forcing me to evaluate what made me happy, I took the leap and quit my stable career in education to become a full-time content creator.  


My Vista journey

I discovered Vista Resin in October 2019 after receiving loads of messages from my followers telling me about the brand new resin in the UK. Vista's status as a UK manufacturer is what made me want to try their products, as well as their unbeatable price per kg.  

Vista has been incredibly supportive from the start, working with me on some videos. I have tried several of their resins including Cascade, Rapids, One and Turbo. 

I look forward to the day when my woodturning skills can be combined with epoxy resin, as I would like to try Vista's range of deep pour resins.  


Best tips

  • Don't underestimate the importance of PPE, if you want to enter the world of resin the best thing you can do is invest in a good respirator, nitrile gloves and safety glasses/span> 
  • Take your time with the initial measuring and mixing as these two steps alone are crucial to the curing process. I stir my resin for 5 minutes, slowly but carefully, making sure to scrsinger les côtés 
  • Strive for handmade with love rather than perfection, resin craft has a mind of its own and there is no right or wrong outcome  

Choice of view

My first choice doit be Vista Turbo for its fast curing time. This allowed me to create, film and unmold a project in one day. Truly a game changer!  


Explore Claire's Crafty Corner and see how Claire uses Vista products in her fantastic creations@claires_crafty_corner_.

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