A UV Stable Epoxy Art Resin! Yes, that's right!

A UV Stable Epoxy Art Resin! Yes, that's right!

A UV Stable Epoxy Art Resin! Yes, that's right!

Are Epoxy Resins Stable? No – But Vista Is!

Nothing is more frustrating than when your lovely creation is spoiled 6 months down the line with yellowing epoxy. Traditional clear epoxy resin typically will start to degrade over time, as UV exposure speeds up the breakdown of polymers within the epoxy.

Most epoxy manufacturers will take anti-UV measures in their formulations, typically in the form of HALS (Hindered Amine Light Stabilisers). HALS are used as a UV blocker rather than a UV absorber, essentially HALS will inhibit the ability of UV rays to break down the polymers of the epoxy. This can be effective but over time yellowing will unfortunately still occur. As a result no epoxy has been UV stable long-term.


However, we’re pleased to say that after extensive research and intense testing, our Vista Part A resins are fully UV stable! After months of working with chemists and formulating new products, we developed our UV stable BLUE epoxy. Our Part A will have a blue hue in the container it arrives in due to the complex blend of HALS and UV absorbers we use, but never fear, it will still cure into a crystal-clear piece, with the added bonus of 100% UV stability. You can rest assured that your Vista creations will stay looking brand-new, when others may fade and yellow over time.


The Vista team constantly strive to improve the products we offer, and this next-generation formula is the latest in a long line of developments in the Vista range.

For more information about our Vista products, check out our YouTube channel.

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