Full-time Artist

Full-time Artist

Full-time Artist AKA Unusual Girl Art


Full-time Artist

My Story

I'm Sophie, aka Unusual Girl, an artist from Todmorden, West Yorkshire. I've been hooked on resin for 7 years, ever since I tried to pour a river table and made a huge mess instead! But I've since learned to tame the wild beast and now nothing can escape a coating: furniture, floors, splashbacks, bath panels… if it lies flat it'll get a coat of resin. As a Fine Art graduate from Leeds University, I am driven to push what I can do with this versatile medium and create true art. I use pigments, powder and texture in painterly fashion and incorporate stones and crystals to create 3-dimensional effects. I sell bespoke furniture, interiors surfaces and homewares, as well as transforming my home room-by-room into the House of Resin. I also teach workshops from my home studio, both groups and 1-1 tuition. 

My Vista Journey

I've used so many different brands over the years but now Vista is my go-to resin for all types of application. When they first launched it was the price that caught my attention but the quality of the product won me over long-term. The speed with which they've developed the range and improved their formula speaks volumes about their passion and commitment to creating the best resin out there. The fact the resins are now UV resistant for outdoor use (which no other brand has done) is a massive plus as I'm increasingly taking on external commissions. 

Dealing with the manufacturer directly doesn't just the cost benefit but also you can ask them anything. Handy when you're constantly trying new things and testing the boundaries! 

Top Tips

Master the basics, then have some fun! The science of resin can't be messed with. Always choosing the right resin for the job and measure accurately. Everything after that is the fun part, where you can just be playful, try things out and find your own style. There are infinite possibilities with resin art, don't spend too much time trying to imitate a thing someone did on Instagram.

Start small - don't try to pour a river table on your first try.

Invest in a dehumidifier - One of the main causes of surface imperfections is too much moisture in the air. I live in one of the rainiest bits of the UK so my dehumidifier is a studio essential.

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